Kenyon Zodiac: Ghost Edition

 Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 3.43.14 AM

Guess who is zodiBACK and spookier than ever! As we approach the haunted wonderland of sin that is Halloweekend, you may feel yourself yearning to be more connected to your ghOOooOOstLy side. Have no fear dear reader, it’s time for the star signs as Kenyon Ghosts!

Aries- Hill Theater Ghost. According to several accounts, the Hill ghosts are pretty outgoing! Although they can be fairly dramatic, they’re always willing to lend a helping hand and are never afraid to ask questions.

Taurus- Dance Studio Ghost. Taurus is artistic, adding a little flair to a typical haunting. With puddles of water evaporating before security guards eyes and the sound of splashing permeating the walls of an empty studio, your time spent with a Taurus is definitely an experience! 

Gemini- No ghost, that was just a raccoon. Gemini, you really need to get some sleep. 

Cancer- Cemetery Ghosts! These ghosts keep to themselves but are generally very friendly (as long as you don’t overstay your welcome). They’re very private but also a staple in the community. It’s kinda nice having them around! 

Leo- The Ghost of John Green’s formative youth.  Near, far, wherever you are, you’ve probably felt this powerful presence on campus.   

Virgo- Old Kenyon GhostsA staple in Kenyon’s haunted folklore. These ghosts have a timeless charm, remaining pretty popular today by frequently reaching out to residences of this quintessential Kenyon building. 

Libra- Whichever Ghost Keeps Stealing my K-card. Seriously though ghost, please stop taking my K-card! Where is my K-card? Why do I keep losing my K-card??

Scorpio- Caples GhostPerhaps one of the spookiest ghost stories at Kenyon, Scorpio is mysterious and even a little bit intimidating (although those who know a Scorpio well will say they’re pretty harmless unless you truly make them mad). 

Sagittarius- The guy you walked by on Middle Path that looked a little too dead in the eyes. But really, you ok? 

Capricorn- Library Ghost Voice. You probably have experienced this ghost first-hand. Legend has it, every Weeknight at exactly 1:45 a.m., this ghostly voice appears out of nowhere and ghoulishly chants “The library will be closing in 15 minutes.” Horrifying! 

Aquarius- Bushnell GhostThis ghost is pretty harmless, just looking to pull some pranks and perhaps make a friend. While it can be a little clingy, it’s nice to know that they’re always looking out for you.

Pisces- Philander ChaseAlright so there might not be any evidence that good ol’ PhilChase wanders Middle Path at night but you certainly wish there were, as he’s probably an ideal ghost to have an encounter with. 

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