What’s in My Bag?

In this feature, we at The Thrill explore what different students of different majors carry around in their everyday life. Today’s post features English, Spanish Lit, Sociology, oh my!


Maya Street-Sachs ’17: Sociology major

What’s in Maya’s bag?

  • mints
  • a single dollar
  • a single penny
  • FOUR, count ’em, four types of chapstick
  • hand cream
  • headphones
  • Emergen-C

  • a book on John Locke
  • a book on Marxism
  • four notebooks
  • three folders
  • water
  • phone charger
  • a lanyard with keys
  • sunglasses
  • a mini diary


Ian Round ’16: Spanish Lit Major

What’s in Ian’s bag?

  • a nalgene
  • lots of loose papers from advanced creative nonfiction classes
  • “Slouching towards Bethlehem” by Joan Didion
  • An anthology of Chicano short stories
  • “Sacred Iconographies in Chicana Cultural Productions” by Professor Clara Románodio
  • A textbook for his AT class


Tori Hoover ’16: English major

What’s in Tori’s bag?

  • 2 spiral notebooks
  • 2 lab notebooks
  • 1 folder
  • scissors
  • 1 highlighter
  • mechanical pencil
  • “Beginning Theory” by Peter Barry
  • “The Sound and the Fury” by Faulkner
  • “The Best Short Stories of Fyodor Dostoyevsky” (in translation)
  • “Absalom, Absalom!”by Faulkner

must be noted: she says her back hurts


Caroline Borders ’16: Anthropology major

What’s in Caroline’s bag?

  • Comps book on archeologies of colonialism
  • a small and bruised apple
  • Two french literature textbooks
  • “Archaeologies of Colonialism” textbook
  • Anthropology theory textbook
  • toilet paper
  • many tissues
  • cocoa butter
  • Maryland ID
  • loose mail
  • Chamber Singers binder
  • One book on Famadihana and Christianity
  • Dove ~fresh~ deodorant
  • one-act script
  • two notebooks
  • a blue pen and a black pen


Derek Foret ’17: Math major

What’s in Derek’s bag?

  • Glasses cleaner
  • film canister
  • random debris
  • Tire pressure gauge
  • power bank
  • glasses case
  • earphones
  • a letter from a friend
  • Scripts
  • CD’s to give out
  • pocket constitution
  • Shakespearean insult band-aids
  • antibiotic cream
  • laptop charger
  • playing cards
  • cough drops
  • check book
  • Boring math textbooks- his words, not ours!

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