Nalgenes of Kenyon


Ooo, you drankin’ (via Blaine Harrington III)

Nalgenes, water bottles – whatever you wanna call ’em, they’re a perfect canvas for self-expression. Kenyon students have always been keen on decorating their water holders with stickers, so in this post we’ll explore just a few bottles that Kenyon students call their own.


Lindsay Stoner ’18: I used to go to middle schools and high schools and teach sex ed, so there’s a sticker on there from that. I went to Alaska the summer between sophomore and junior year of high school, and I also think it’s one of the most aesthetically appealing stickers ever. [The Colorado Sticker] says Creed technically, which is a really cool town in the middle of nowhere in Colorado that I visited while backpacking over the summer. This is the the yoga place that I go to at home. And I’m from Boulder.


Dante Valvo ’16: I got this water bottle in high school when I was 17. The first sticker, the California Love sticker, I’ve never covered it. I’ve covered every other sticker, most of them are from places that I’ve travelled. Austin, Savannah, Ann Arbor, oh and this coffee shop after Bonnaroo. They gave me free coffee at 4 AM.


Zoe Andris ’17: The thing about the stickers is that they represent me and a few of my favorite things. My Greek heritage, my sorority, DC baseball, Tina and Amy – the baddest b’s in the game.


Kat Englert ’18: This is my favorite restaurant in North Carolina, it’s in Mantel, where the lost colony was. They make their own beer, and I just like this guy [on the sticker].

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