A Scary Poem

Via newgrounds.com

The winds were blowing cold and hard

While you and I were walking.

The full moon rising overhead

The nighttimes’ only lighting.

Up ahead a dark figure rose,

Smoke billowing from his coattails.

With eyes of red and a ghoulish gait

He began to make his way towards us.

You grabbed me close, your eyes went wide,

And I pretended to be brave.

But I shook, and cried a little,

Imagining me in the grave.

As he drew close details arose,

And with horror we did realize,

This was no man, nor beast I knew,

But something much more scary.

Oh my heart, it beat so fast!

And my brain told me to run.

But my feet were stuck in place,

As I knew that I was done.

The beast strode close, I heard his breath,

It was heavy, deep, and labored.

He raised his hand, so thick and green,

At us his first finger pointed.

He made a noise, a ghastly sound,

That struck me very queerly.

“Your post-grad job needn’t be mediocre,

Just come visit me, I’m the CDOgre!”

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