First Year Halloween: Expectation vs. Reality

Aaaaaaaaaaaah Halloween, a beloved weekend at Kenyon that truly crystalizes the insanity of the campus. We all vividly (or barely) remember our first Halloween with the desperation to find the perfectly funny-but-also-kind-of-nonintimidatingly-hot-but-still-recognizable costume and the universally understood acceptance that almost everything conducted on the holiday doesn’t count as ~reality. We asked our First-Year writers about their expectations for the weekend and then about the reality they experienced during the weekend. Check out some of their thoughts on their spooky nights.


  • “Don’t hate me, but I’ve been pretty lazy in terms of getting a costume ready for Halloween this year. Once I figure something amazing out, though, I honestly think this Halloween weekend is going to be a pretty standard weekend of drunken hijinks, just with the added fun of being in scary (read: slutty) costumes. That being said, I’m definitely hoping to see some absurd costumed hook-ups happen. Best case scenario? I witness a sexy kitty cat and a sexy police officer sharing a hot and heavy moment in the basement of Old Kenyon. They both think it’s just a one time hook up, but sure enough, Cupid strikes his bow, and it’s true love. Halloween is a magical time of the year.”
  • “I’m happy because Kenyon seems like the kind of school where people don’t just wear overly sexual or culturally offensive costumes, but it seems like people want to dress funny or creative. I love Halloween, and it seems like the culture here around Halloween is really exciting, so I’m looking forward to it!”

  • “I have very high expectations for Halloween. I’m hoping for interesting costumes (probably a lot of skin) and dancing. Also, I hope more people hit up Old K because it’s more fun when it’s crowded, in my humble opinion.
  • “I’m not expecting too many “sexy” costumes. Sure there may be a smattering of them, but what I’m expecting is really creative stuff. I would love to see someone dressed as Montreaux. I would disclose my costume to you but it must be kept a secret until you see me walking down middle path. It is absolute buffoonery, because I’m expecting absolute buffoonery!”
  • “I know Kenyon is crawling with ghosts, so I expect it to be a thoroughly spoopy time with some legendary tales emerging from the night’s revels. I’m expecting Peirce to feature an all-pumpkin menu: pumpkin soup, pumpkin bread, deconstructed pumpkin, pumpkin pizza- the possibilities are endless. Halloween brings feelings of camaraderie and childlike excitement, so I’m anticipating some juvenile behavior and probably some resulting delinquency. I have high expectations for costumes here as well: I expect to see lots of historical and literary figures and maddeningly clever puns.”
  • “I hope to see some pretty dope/creative/non-appropriating costumes throughout the weekend. I’m expecting at least 7 personal ghost encounters. I just want my favorite holiday to live up to my spooky dreams and that I don’t wind up too sick with the Krud to go out or (on the opposite side of the spectrum) dead from alcohol poisoning! “
  • “There could possibly be a multitude of smashed Halloween pumpkins, if anyone’s foolish enough to leave them out for Kenyon’s (drunk) party ghosts to find :(“


  • “I was deeply saddened because I saw no Montreaux costumes. Actually, I saw hardly anything because it was so dark in Old K. It was also pretty creepy. Got some weird vibes. Nonetheless, I enjoyed myself and got to dance which is my favorite.”
  • “getting ready was really fun with everyone, and I enjoyed taking pictures. I was bummed that old Kenyon was so dark and crowded that I couldn’t quite make out everyone’s costumes, but I liked how goofy it was “
  • “The day before Halloween, I found myself in the middle of Wal Mart, freaking out because I didn’t have any idea what my costume was going to be. In this moment of weakness, I decided to buy all of the Ohio State apparel I could see, so I could go as an “Ohio State student” for Halloween (clever, I know). The night before Halloween was pretty fun, but Halloween itself was a bit… dull. I really dug the DJ playing at the Peeps/AD party in Old Kenyon, but for the most part it was just a typical gross Old K party. Oh well, there’s always next year.”
  • “The scariest encounter was losing my friends in the giant sweaty mass of limbs that was the PEEPs party”
  • “Shoutout to the Keystone Light beer cans for being orange #SeasonallyAppropriate (that’s the only shoutout Keystone Light will ever get)”
  • “Shortly after sending in my expectations for the weekend, I witnessed a large spider ruthlessly murder an Asian Beetle in the corner of my dorm. This really set the tone for the rest of my weekend. Unfortunately I didn’t have a single ghost encounter and my sickness got the best of me. I did watch Hocus Pocus though, which is a lot more disturbing when you’re really high on NyQuil.”
  • “I was surprised by how normal the weekend seemed overall. I had heard so many stories building up to it about how insane and spooky it was going to be, but especially Halloween night itself felt fairly average for a Saturday night despite the fact we were all in costume. Respect to all the people who put on a onesie and called it good. You looked fantastic and I really want to invest in one of those; they seem mad cozy. The only odd thing was that everyone disappeared after 11 pm. I didn’t venture out into the night beyond a trip for 3 dollar Chipotle because I was feeling under the weather, but it seemed like the entire campus was engulfed in some cone of silence. The hallways and  the world outside my window were dead. It was very eerie. I also learned that staying in eating candy and watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer is an excellent way to spend Halloween.”
  • “Halloween was super fun, but I didn’t think it was anything special. It was pretty much a typical Saturday, just with more people.”

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