The Monday Catchup

In honor of Halloweekend, I thought it’d be appropriate to ask people the spookiest thing they experienced throughout the weekend.

“Walking around at night in the dark telling scary stories…there is something about going to school in the middle of nowhere that makes my mind jump to serial killers and ghosts.”

“Trying to find a good costume on a college budget”

“How many minion costumes there were this year”

Hope everyone had a safe and fun weekend filled with candy, costumes, and craziness. Worried that the spookiest thing about Halloween is how much work you have coming up this week? Here are some fun things happening on on campus to get you through!

  • What: Monday at 7:00 pm in Finn House Natalie Diaz will be reading from her poetry collection.
    • November is National American Indian Heritage Month! What a great way to kickstart the month and week with this v cool event
  • What: Monday at 4:00 pm at the Bookstore, Professor of American Studies Peter Rutkoff will be reading and discussing Cyprus Portraits
    • Also, you can get a signed copy afterwords!
  • What: Wednesday from 7:00-9:30 pm “Most Likely to Succeed” screening and discussion in the theatre in Gund Gallery
    • Scared your liberal arts diploma isn’t going to cut it in the real world? Check out the movie and discuss the concept of alternative education model ‘n stuff like that

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