Life After Kenyon: A Message from the D.C. Alumni Association

To help ease the transition and break the ice between you and the alumni association in your future hometown, The Thrill presents this occasional feature in which we highlight a different alumni association for your reading pleasure. This month, The Thrill has chosen to highlight Washington D.C.’s alumni association. Today’s message is brought to you by the D.C. Chapter themselves. 


Worried about life after Kenyon? Scared of meeting people who went to school with more than one dining hall? Interested in meeting and working with Kenyon grads around the country?

“The bonds formed on this Hill transcend your four years here,” has proved to be a seemingly timeless line to encapsulate the lives of Kenyon students at commencements, convocations, and everything in between. This cannot be seen any clearer than in the many Kenyon Alumni Associations.

As seniors look to make the next step and underclassmen look for summer opportunities, Kenyon’s alumni network has proven to be a useful tool for connecting with fellow alums, whether for employment or for fun. With close to ten regional associations across the country, most anywhere you end up, there’ll be Kenyon grads waiting to meet you.

Kenyon’s second biggest alumni association, the Kenyon College Alumni Association -Washington, DC chapter (KCDC for short – sorry, drama folks!) regularly hosts Kenyon grads at Washington professional baseball and hockey games, monthly happy hours, which have featured Professors Baumann, Camerra-Rowe, and Rowe, an annual trivia match with Oberlin (Kenyon won the last two), an annual performance by the Kokes on their winter tour, an annual community service event, and “Learning in the Company of Friends” events featuring lectures by our own distinguished alums and Kenyon faculty.

For more information on DC’s Kenyon Alumni Association you can check out their Facebook page here!

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