Meet The Dad Behind The Kenyon Dads Instagram

This is what comes up when you google “Kenyon dads.” Via

There’s a new Instagram account whose primary focus is a subgenre of students they are calling “Kenyon dads.” Usually accompanied by some kind of “dad joke” or a phrase an embarrassed teenager might whine when their father does something embarrassing. The Instagram, KenyonDads, posts pictures of students weekly, crowning a new Kenyon Dad with each post. Lucky for you Thrill readers, I happen to know the Dad behind the Dads. I decided to ask them a few questions in the name of journalism. They agreed, but only if they could remain an anonymous dad.

What inspired you to start the Kenyon Dads Instagram?

I was sitting in Peirce eating dinner with my friend and we were discussing the fact that both his personality and aesthetic resemble that of a dad. We then realized that most of our friends are also basically dads. And then we realized that a very large portion of the Kenyon population resembles a dad. We joked about starting a Kenyon Dads instagram and eventually it escalated and I made it right at the dinner table. It was a complete joke and I was planning to delete it a day or two later, but then people actually liked it!

Do you think that by photographing men and referring to them as father figures you are perpetuating the patriarchal values of the society we’re in? (Note: this question came from one of my residents while I was drafting the questions.)

Well for one, I don’t photograph anyone. I either get submissions or just post pictures of my friend with their permission. I also have a lot of friends that don’t identify as male that I’ll eventually put on there, they just haven’t sent me a picture yet. It just so happens that I have a lot of guy friends and they all want to be on my instagram. So, to answer the question, lots of people are dads. It doesn’t matter what you identify as, we all have the heart of a dad deep down.

What is your criteria for being a “Kenyon dad”?Do you tell dad jokes? Do you wear tall white socks with dad sneakers? How often do you wear polos (tucked in) and khakis, or alternatively, sweatpants? How many christmas sweaters do you own?

But, as I mentioned, being a dad is more than just what you look like. It’s what’s inside that matters. If you’re a dad, you (and all of your friends) know it.

Do YOU qualify as a Kenyon dad?

Oh, most certainly. For all you know, I’ve already been featured on Kenyon Dads. Oooh spooky.

What is your favorite Kenyon dad post?

I’m pretty proud of the Paul Newman post. But, at the end of the day, my favorite dad photo of all time is the first one that I ever posted on the instagram. The original dad.

Would you consider making a Kenyon mom Instagram*? Or collaborating with someone who may create it in the future?

Totally! That’s a great idea. I would do it except I have no time and already put so little time and effort into Kenyon Dads. But if someone else wants to do it, I’d totally support it!

*Update: a KenyonMoms instagram has since been created.

Are you taking submissions?

Yep! You can email It’s funnier if you write your own caption.

Is there anything you’d like the Kenyon community to know?

Shout out to the kenyon dads that aren’t dads, keep being you.

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