Gambier Ink: Tattoos Around Campus X


“It’s my first tattoo (but definitely not my last), and I wanted to get something small but visible that meant a lot to me. I got it about a month ago, but I had been planning on getting this one for over a year. The four triangles, in order, represent earth, fire, water, and air. I really love the idea of beauty and peace in balance, and nature has always been a big part of who I am. Being able to look down at my wrist and see the triangles is a pleasant reminder about the importance of maintaining balance, but also that there is this big, beautiful, natural world out there. And I’d be lying if I said it didn’t sometimes make me think about Avatar: The Last Airbender, but that’s not the intended purpose of it. Just a welcome bonus.”

-Annie Devine, ’18


“My tattoo says ‘Cromoforo’ in Frida Kahlo’s handwriting. In a letter to Diego Rivera, she says, ‘you are auxochrome, one who takes color. I am chromophore, one who gives color.’ I got it because I see it as a kind of reminder to always be kind, to always give color whenever I can, and to do my best to be the most responsible and kind person I can be. Sort of like, when possible, I want to give as much as I can.”

-Isabella Bird, ’18


“It’s a symbol that I designed and I got it on an impulse. I love it though!”

-Ali Colmanares ’19

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 3.13.06 PM

“It says ‘and miles to go before I sleep.’ It’s from a Frost poem. I decided that I wanted it after five years of depression and anxiety and having to debate between ‘life isn’t always going to be like this’ and ‘do I give up?’ So I got it to tell myself that giving up is not an option because I have so many more goals and so much more to accomplish in life.”

-Kai Primus Dawson ’19


“This tattoo is a design by the doodle artist Marc Johns, which I have carried around with me since ninth grade knowing that I wanted this as my first tattoo. I have gone through a lot of tough times, and I know I’m such a pessimist, but something I know I should focus on is the positive. I will forget the initial pain and hopefully some of the memories it covers, but I will never forget my mom standing in the doorway of the tattoo shop taking pictures and laughing with me and my best friend holding my hand and I know I can always fall back on that.”

-Emma ’18

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