Kenyon Klexicon: X is for X(‘s on Your Hands)


Anonymous Bouncer, “The Scarlett Letter” 2013, ink on flesh. (via

Let me paint you a picture. The time: 11:27 p.m. The place: outside the forested entrance of The Ganter. You offer your hands to the guys working outside; they’re wielding Sharpies (weapon of choice for anyone working the door) with cool calculation. With only a glance at your K-Card and a couple of swipes of a marker, your under-21-ness has been made public for everyone to see and judge.

The single letter X (ecks) n. An artfully rendered stigmata found on the back of each hand, meant to label an under-age partygoer. A real pain in the ass to wash off in the morning.

Kenyon Kontext

Student 1: Oh MAN…will I not get served at this bumpin’ all campus party now that I’ve been branded by this cursed mark?

Student 2: You’ll still get served, just don’t get caught like a doofus with a beer in your hand when campo inevitably comes rolling through.

Student 1: That’s great news! Let’s grab some brewskies and go dance like no one is watching. Haha I love Kenyon’s trusting and safe party scene!

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