Drew Meeker ’17 Officially Has the Coolest Dorm on Campus

Party Lights

So, why doesn’t my room look like this, again?

Congratulations to Drew Meeker, class of 2017, for being the winner of this year’s Dorm Room Competition! Drew and his roommate enjoy having friends over, so they’ve decided to turn their room into a dope ass hangout spot. I asked him about the crazy lights he has up in his room, and he responded by saying this:

I really like lights, as you can tell from the pictures, but I hate that stupid giant square white light; which is why I prefer hanging lights around the ceiling, the ceiling lantern, the disco light, octopus lamp, etc.

The lights, which change to fit the season, are just the tip of the iceberg for this awesome room: the room is complete with a microwave, couch, TV, game systems, and a blender.

If you couldn’t tell from his room, Drew is a really cool guy. He’s a Studio Art major and double minor in Music and Japanese. He plays the didgeridoo (a wind instrument created by Indigenous Australians), along with piano, percussion, and a bit of guitar. Also, he can ride a unicycle.

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