Kenyon Siblings: The Foxes

Clearly having a ‘family moment’ here.

This is the latest in a planned series on relationships with one’s siblings while in college. In this feature, the Thrill profiles two Kenyon students with a unique connection: they share genetic material! While many of us have college-age siblings, a rare few have the experience of attending the same school. This week, our attention turns to Nat Fox (’16), and Mia Fox (’19). Nat has been the big dog on campus for three years, but this year his territory is being invaded by his sister Mia. I sat down with the pair for a wonderfully sly conversation.


What made you both decide to come to Kenyon?

Nat: A big factor was financial aid; that was really crucial. Obviously, Kenyon’s a really good school, and I think everyone is looking for that. Plus, I really liked how it felt when I visited. I didn’t seem like I would need to change my lifestyle at all. I didn’t feel out of place; It felt natural.

Mia: I really did not want to come to Kenyon. I’d been a couple times and I liked it, but I was dead-set on making my own path apart from my brother.  I found another school that I really liked but when I did my overnight I just did not fit in. It wasn’t the right kind of people for me. So I did an overnight at Kenyon and had a great experience. Nat and I went to the Peirce Pub around 11 pm. I looked at him as we were drinking our milkshakes and I said: I want to come here.

Nat, how did you respond to Mia’s decision? 

Nat: I was surprised, but I really wasn’t too upset. Not super excited at first, but well, I’ve been taking the stance as an older brother to really let Mia experience life on her own. Obviously I’d be there if she really cocked up, but I wanted her to be her own person. If she thinks Kenyon is the space to do it, then I’m happy with that.

How often do you see each other around campus?

Nat: Really frequently, at least 4 or 5 times a week, I’d say.

Mia: Yeah, we run into each other a lot. Whenever I come into Peirce I look for you on Old Side: is Nat at the cross country table?

Nat: I always sit in the same spot. I can never find you, though.

Mia: I’m a transient being.

Are there any particularly fond memories you’ve shared here on the Hill so far?

Nat: I went to the DKE lounge for the first time in two years this Fall. Actually, it was Deb Ball! I forgot how fun Old K was. We saw each other there and danced around and the Fox family had a little moment. You kept trying to give your friends my number. None of them were having it.

Mia:They were like: ‘I don’t need his digits.’

Nat: Yeah. That was weird, but it was a really great night.

Mia: When I was still in high school you would send me all of these links to check out the Thrill, and I thought they were fantastic. Also when I came to visit for my overnight, you were like ‘let’s go to the library’ and so we sat around in Olin and ate chips from Chipotle. I did some calc homework. It was a good time.

Nat: I honestly don’t remember anything about that visit.

Mia: I love you too.

What’s the best part about going to the same school as your sibling?

Nat: Well, I think Mia and I have a really good relationship.

Mia: That’s what you think.

Nat: We’ve always been close. Well, not really when we were little, but especially since high school we got a lot closer. We both love spongebob too.

Mia: Oh my gosh, we’re perfect for each other.

Nat: It’s nice to be able to have shared Kenyon experiences.

Mia: The best part about going to the same school for me was that it made the transition really easy. I’d been here a couple times because of Nat, so I already knew a lot and felt pretty comfortable. I like the shared experiences too. It’s nice having that connection.

I have to ask: what does the fox say?

Nat: I think this says it all.

Mia: Victory screech! Leedle lee.

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