the holy triangle

the holy triangle

Pictured above is the beautiful golden fried wedge of mac n’ cheese that we all know and love. However, after an 11 PM phone call to the Cove last night, Friday, November 13, I discovered that mac n’ cheese wedges are now–Mac n’ cheese BITES.

behold, our new god

behold, our new god

These are our new mac n’ cheese “bites.” You will notice they are a little bit smaller, but you get more of them. The shape has changed, and they are more round and pyramid shaped rather than flat triangles.

I asked the lady at the Cove why they decided to change brands and the answer may shock you–they DIDN’T decide.

The supplier they order from changed the brand, so our beloved triangles are no longer available.

You will be pleased to know, after an intense investigation, that the new bites taste exactly the same as before.

However, this discover came as a shock to the campus, at around 12:15 AM, I received a series  snapchats from my horrified roommate–

IMG_7636 IMG_7635

Clearly, we all need some time to get used to this ground breaking phenomenon.


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