First Year Reflections on Thanksgiving Break, Vol. IV


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We asked our first year writers what it was like to be back home for the first time. Here’s what they told us.

  • Ari Tooch ’19

Thanksgiving break consisted mainly of much needed snuggles with my dogs, good food, and quality time with the fam and friends. Although I’m not super stoked on finals, it’s nice to be back in Gambier and see everyone.

  • Maddi McDowell ’19

After the total weirdness of Fall Break, I was very apprehensive about going home. Things were more natural this time which was really comforting. I got to see my friends this time and we visited our old haunts. Also, I am very proud to announce I finished two seasons of Game of Thrones. I know this an unpopular opinion, but I’m a bit of a Thanksgiving hater and sure enough I found the regalia of the feast and small talk with irascible relatives just as annoying as I usually do. All in all, I’ll call it a win, but I have no idea what I’m going to do with the month that is Winter Break.

  • Mia Fox ’19

The entirety of Thanksgiving I rode the Tryptophan train. When I sat down on the couch, I realized that it was the first time I had fully relaxed since school started. Then I napped to my heart’s content! Seeing family was nice to a point. After three days, I realized that I missed Kamp Kenyon a lot. I’m hyped to be back!

  • Erica Christie ’19

Thanksgiving break came at a perfect time. I love Kenyon, but my days were beginning to run together and I craved the comfort of my hometown. However, after a canceled flight, crying in several airports and being stuck in Florida for 5 hours, this proved easier said than done. Once I actually arrived, I remained in this weird state of limbo, feeling like a completely different person while at the same time easily slipping back into old routines. I kept accidentally referring to Kenyon as “home,” and my bedroom felt a little too glamorous to be my own space. Overall I loved being home for a little while, but I’m happy to say I wasn’t devastated to have to return to Kenyon. The only true low point of my break was realizing on Saturday night how much homework I had neglected.

  • Caitie March ’19
 Two words: real food. Also, watching my dog freak out after I walked through the door was pretty magical. Then there was the fact that I brought ten pounds worth of schoolbooks home in my suitcase, only to ignore my homework for the entire break and lug those same unopened books back to Kenyon. I think I need another week off to ease me back into this whole college thing. How long until winter break again?
  • Sarah McPeek ’19
For me, Thanksgiving has always been about old time-honored traditions: cooking all day with my mother, “ironically” watching the Macy’s Day Parade, and stuffing myself with the fruits of our labor before retiring to bask in the glow of a roaring fire. This year, I found myself in an especially thankful mentality for the small things that I always took for granted about home like my shaggy bedroom carpet, showers where I did not have to wear flip flops or dread the sounds of a flushing toilet, my dogs’ endless warmth and snuggles, evenings spent in laughter with my family over our favorite old sitcoms and card games, and going to sleep without hearing the sounds of doors opening and slamming shut up and down the hall all night long. This break marked the first time I had returned home since arriving for orientation, and while it was a welcome familiarity it was definitely a little disconcerting to be back. From the minute I walked in the door I was convinced that I had grown at least an inch because everything seemed a little bit smaller than I remembered, but upon measuring myself I found that I was no taller but maybe even a teensy bit shorter! Is the Freshman negative 15 nanometers a thing? Perhaps my whole world has become smaller as my worldview has expanded through my bountiful liberal arts education. I certainly feel bigger, or maybe that’s just from all the turkey I ate…

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