Honest Question: What is the Hit Song “Anna Sun” About?

Oh, you know the song. Anna Sun isn’t only the beloved Sociology professor at Kenyon College, but the name of a chart-topping hit with a melody you can’t shake. When you were home for weeks at a time whether it be Thanksgiving or Spring break, you mentioned/humble-bragged to your friends from home while you were coasting that the song they were blasting is actually based on that tiny speck of land you call your college. Did you know Anna Sun is based on Kenyon? Yeah, the lead singer went there. Yeah I’m the coolest person you know. 

We decided to investigate one step further, push the envelope if you will. We listened to the earth-shattering lyrics over and over, desperate to find the clear references to the ‘bier.

Fire-crackers in the east my car parked south: Ok he’s obviously talking about dear South Lot 2, lovingly known as the ends of the earth.

Racing down the hill, I am faster than you, Wait for summertime: Now this is interesting. Was Nick a member of the cross country team? Also, which hill is he referring to? Is he reminiscing about days running up and down Ransom lawn? (do people even do that?) “Wait for Summertime” is definitely a clear reference to exam week. 

We’ve got no money, but we got our heart; We’re gonna rattle this ghost town: Now this is a very specific type of love letter to the hushed-over, yet dwindling endowment. But look at any admissions packet, flyer, virtual-tour video, and you won’t doubt for a second that this tiny, tiny square-mile has, as the professionals call it, moxie.

Screen falling off the door door hanging off the hinges: Now these lines are the real mysteries. @WalkTheMoon, are you referring to the shitty screen doors in the Acland Apartments? Did you even live in one of those apartments? Where did you live? Where do you live right now? What’s your Social Security Number, @Nick?

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 1.32.08 PM

real pic of me doing my part

This house is falling apart: This is the central refrain of the song, which begs us to ask, which house? s this just a general nod to the deteriorating infrastructure of sweet Kenyon? Perhaps he was referring to what once was E-Block.We couldn’t take the suspense with this one. IWe needed answers, so we took to the depths of the internet. We haven’t gotten much response back, but we’ll keep this page updated if anyone even cares. If you want to help start this revolution of truth, tweet them–over and over and over.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 1.31.53 PM

doing my best . jpg


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