What’s in My Pants?


Is that a Peirce cup in your pocket, or are you happy to see me?

In this feature, we at The Thrill explore what different students of different majors carry around in their pants. Today’s post features Studio Art, Sociology, Anthropology, and International Studies majors. Their answers will shock you…


IMG_1651.jpg  IMG_1652.jpg

Alex Comerci‘ ‘19: Studio Art 

What’s in Alex’s pants?

  • Peirce Cup*
  • Phone

*please don’t steal Peirce cups

IMG_1656.jpg  IMG_1655.jpg

Shaun Stewart ‘17: Anthropology

What’s in Shaun’s pants?

  • Ancient i-pod
  • Wallet

IMG_1650.jpg  IMG_1653.jpg

Emma Welsh-Huggins ‘17: Sociology 

What’s in Emma’s pants?

  • Phone
  • Keys
  • Lint
  • Dat ass


Ruby Messier ‘17: International Studies 

What’s in Ruby’s pants?

  • “What pants?”

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