Holiday GIF Guide 2015

Via Pinterest

Here at The Thrill, we take pride in reminding you of your most awkward moments at Kenyon. Since we won’t be with you over the holidays, here’s a little present from us to you: the annual Holiday GIF Guide, in which we catalog all of your worst holiday moments…before they even happen.

Saturday, December 19th:

Saturday, January 16th:

“I’m not looking forward to graduation, I have no job, I don’t know what I want to do…”

But you’ll be ring-ting-ting-a-lin when someone in the family remembers to bring the weed home.

Because every year, your weird aunt seems to have joined a new religious sect.

And a little Christmas bubbly calls for an update to the ol’ Tinder profile, right?

Gift wrapping is still a challenge.

And inevitably a relative wants you to watch their creepy little baby.

And to round it all out, there’s the holiday hangover.


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