Kenyon Klexicon: Y is for Young Writers

Of course every good Kenyon student has heard of the Kenyon Review. But did you know they host a summer camp every year for aspiring writers? Come to Gambier in late-June or mid-July and you will see students everywhere, notebook and pen in hand, aimlessly wandering campus trying to find some inspiration amongst the trees (unless it is 10:07 a.m., then all of them will be in line at Wiggins).

Young Writers (yuhng rahy-ters) n. – A group of high school students who attend a summer program in which they flock to Gambier for 2 weeks of Kenyon style classes to improve their critical reading and writing skills. Although more than 75% of them claim themselves to be the next John Green, most of them will come to Kenyon and end up majoring in Economics.

Kenyon Kontext:

Student 1: I thought Kenyon was empty in the summer? Who is that kid about to walk into a tree while staring at his notebook?

Student 2: Oh, that’s just one of the Young Writers. They’re everywhere.

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