Peirce Date: “I Always Confuse Jane Goodall with Jane Austen”


hottest date spot this side of Cleveland

For those who do not know about Peirce Date, we set two people up on a blind date at Peirce. It’s a great way for students to connect at no price. Want to go on a Peirce date? Want to find your friend that special someone? Let us know! ‘

It was a crisp Sunday morning and the sense of romance was inevitable. Many bananas and mac n cheese balls were eaten. Hearts swelled with immense passion. It was meant to be.


First Contestant: 
Name: Kenyon College Männerchor
Class Year:  2017.625
Hometown:  Storer
Ideal date:  December 13th.  It’s a great DATE for a CONCERT (come see the Männerchor concert on December 13th at 1pm in Brandi Recital Hall).
Where to find you on a Saturday night:  Probably somewhere in Storer singing a folk song in a minor key.
Best thing about Kenyon:  Colla Voce.
Worst thing about Kenyon:  The inevitable heat death of the universe.
Best pick up line/icebreaker:  *blows in pitch pipe* Do you like that D?
In 20 years, you are:  Hopefully still a student group.
Second Contestant: 
Name: Kraig Davis 10563019_10203790738037744_3907476535332914641_n
Class Year: Sophomore (’18)
Hometown: Dry Tavern, PA
Ideal date: Meeting with the CDO to talk about LinkedIn
Where to find you on a Saturday night: In the dark womb.
Best Thing about Kenyon: New apt. D4.
Worst Thing about Kenyon: The new apts.
Best pick up line/ icebreaker: Du musst der wahre Grund für die globale Erderwärmung sein.
In 20 years, you are: going to be 40 years old with my own TV show on HGTV, in which I critique your awful sense of design and ridiculously inept use of space within your own damn living room. Disgusting.
About the date…
Four members of Männerchor amassed at a round table on new side before their date, Kraig Davis, strolled in wearing a beige thermal overshirt and a smile. After getting food, they conversed for about an hour.
How did the date go?
M: It started out a little disappointing when we learned he’d be going abroad next year. But then he showed us pictures of himself in middle school and we really clicked.
KD:  Not as well as I’d hoped for. There were a lot of points where we had differing opinions and I accidentally forgot one of their names.
How was the other person?
M: A little overzealous at times, but he means well.
KD: I like some more than others.
What was the Peirce atmosphere like?
M: At first there was no one in here, but then it got a little chaotic. A bunch of people tried to sit with us and we had to turn them away.
KD: Too loud. Not as intimate as I wanted.
Would you go on a second date?
M: We’re planning our ideal apartment together, so maybe. We have a lot of rooms to figure out that we should discuss at a later date, maybe over coffee.
KD: I don’t  know,  they’re a little weird.
Sum up the date in five words.
M: Kraig messed up real bad.
KD: It wasn’t nearly intimate enough.

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