Has-Beens on the Hill


the ice descends with its cruel white teeth

We love celebrating individuality here at Kenyon College. Everyone and everything has admirable traits, yet at this time of year one can’t help but feel that certain residents of this hallowed institution have overstayed their welcome, gone to seed and lingered too long. Here at the Thrill we often highlight members of our community. This time, we’re going to air out our dirty laundry, bringing to light things that make us say “yuck” and “gross!” and induce grumps and grumbles. It’s time for Has-Beens on the Hill.


this futon used to be fun and comfy but now it is naked and wet and also outside. two thumbs down.


I used to hang out with this cup all the time. It used to crack me up, but now it’s just cracked and also frozen and SO 2014.

IMG_5034 (1)

remember when these leaves used to be green and hanging on trees? now they’re not even relevant any more. C-.


Speaking of leaves, these trees have no. The emperor has no clothes, so it seems. I always knew their facade would crumble by the time December rolled around.

Seen any other has-beens skulking around campus? Let us know in the comments!

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