How to Drink: Flip Cup



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Remember, way back, when you went to one of your first parties. And maybe you were invited to play or saw people playing some sort of card/quarter/ball game with drinks. And you wanted, so desperately, to play and enjoy and connect and maybe find someone that just gets you. But instead, you sat in the corner and drank that dumb, warm beer. You said to yourself (or maybe even out loud): I don’t even know how to play. Gone are the days of lost socialization due to ignorance. Gone are the days of confusing rules explained in a drunken haze.

Today we begin a journey–a path that takes us along the #rivers and #roads of drinking games. This goes out to all the people that were too shy to ask why are you flipping the cup upside down? or what does the 2 of spades mean?  Today, we feature Flip Cup


  • Red Solo Cups
  • Beer
  • A long table
  • Your best friends


  • Fill up each cup about quarter to halfway with beer. You can adjust the amount of beer to whatever amount you want.
  • Gather all participants so that they surround the long table, a cup of beer in front of each competitor.

I googled this


  • A non biased third-party person announces “GO” when the game starts
  • The first pair of competitors chug their beers, and begin to flip their cups
  • Once finished, the player must put the cup on the table, hanging off the edge, and attempt to flip it over so it lands on its top, by using their finger to hit the bottom of the cup. Only once the first team member has flipped their cup,then,the next person in line can start drinking.
  • Continue down until one team has finished drinking and flipped over all of their cups. They are the winners, then start over.

Stay safe and have fun. Don’t forget to Flip, That, Cup.


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