The Monday Catchup

Wassssup, welcome back! We’re chuggin’ right through this awkward period of time between breaks, but that doesn’t mean we have to tone it down. There were at least ten* formals this past weekend, making Friday, December 4th officially the dressiest night on campus. Also, there was Twista! Here’s what some people are sayin’…

I always want drama and excitement but now that it’s happened I’m just tired

I’m tired

Twista was a twista, as in a whirlwind

I hope everyone had a fun time this weekend, because there is no more fun from now on. Finals are upon us and soon we will all suffer. In light of our impending doom, here are some things to look forward to:

  • What: The Kenyon College Percussion Ensemble is performing at 8:00PM on Tuesday in Rosse Hall
    • Yeah, you could say that this will be a hit!
  • What: The Fall Dance Concert is happening Thursday-Saturday at 8:00PM at the Hill Theater
    • Note: you’re not the one dancing, you are watching a dance performance.
  • What: Installation Art class is having an exhibit on Friday in Horvitz Hall
    • Don’t pick up that piece of trash, it’s actually part of the exhibit

See ya on the flip side.

*Maybe only four

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