A Day in the Life: Seth Reichert ’17

The Music Man himself with violin in hand in seasonally spruced-up Storer Lounge.

The Music Man himself with violin in hand in seasonally spruced-up Storer Lounge.

In this feature, The Thrill will showcase a typical day of a member of the Kenyon Community: student, faculty, or staff. If you have nominations for people to be showcased, please share them in the comments or email us at thekenyonthrill@gmail.com.

If music be the food of love, then Seth Reichert ’17 is truly a player. He’s a music major with double minors in Russian and Anthropology. Seth has been playing violin since the 5th grade in his hometown of Bozeman, Montana, and on campus he plays in the student/faculty combined folk band, The Handsome Devils, and in the Knox County Symphony. He also sings baritone in Kenyon’s all-male classical and folk a cappella group, Männerchor and in Community Choir, for which he was the student conductor of their most recent concert. On top of that, he dabbles in piano and guitar. He’s also vice president of the Social Dance Club and specializes in retro styles like swing and lindy-hop. Plus, he works for Helpline and the KCDC scene shop, and he’s the co-recording studio manager with Teddy Farkas. Evidently, he’s a busy busy man, but we found a few free moments to catch up in Storer lounge, basically the Mothership for himself and fellow music majors. The lounge is festively adorned with strings of colored lights and candy canes and even a tree. He and other majors decorated it all on Friday night, but most of the candy canes have been snitched by students in need of a sugar rush. As we chatted, swanky strains of horn and piano music drifted to us from adjoining rooms. So without further interlude, here’s a measure-by-measure look at a Monday in the life of Seth Reichert:

8:10 a.m.- Woke up in my room in Watson to my alarm, which was this godawful alarm clock my dad gave me when I started high school. I generally wake up to my phone, but I wanted something more obnoxious this morning. It’s one of those blaring ones that goes ERG ERG ERG that you have to get up and turn off. Then I went through my morning routine: showering, teeth brushing, dressing, the usual.

8:50 a.m.- Left Watson to head to Storer Hall. I thought about stopping at Peirce for breakfast along the way but decided to skip it because I wanted to have time to practice before my lesson.

9:00-9:25 a.m.- Practiced piano in Storer. Monday is the day I spend a lot of time in Storer because of all my lessons and rehearsals. It’s a nice place to be.

The Mothership in all her glory.

9:25 a.m.- Violin lesson in Storer. This lesson was a bit atypical because it was jury day that evening, so we were working on the material for that. Jury day is when some of the music department faculty and professors listens to a piece you’ve been working on and judge you on your performance. Their judgements determine what level you advance to next in your lessons. I’ve had juries every semester since my second semester here, so this was my fourth round. I’m starting to get used to it and they’re certainly not as bad as people make them out to be. I definitely wasn’t as nervous as the first times, but it’s still a moderately high-stress experience.

10:17ish a.m.- Back to the practice room to practice piano.

11:30 a.m.- Had my piano lesson, which was my last lesson of piano proficiency here.

12:00 p.m.- Found a friend in Storer lounge and we walked to lunch together, but when we got there the lines were so long in the servery, as they typically are at noon, so we just went and waited downstairs rather than go through all that mess. When it calmed down I got lunch and worked on some Russian homework.

1:50 p.m.- Left Peirce and returned to Storer briefly to drop off an assignment I’d forgotten to hand in earlier.

2:00 p.m.- Headed to Ascension for my 2:10 Russian class. It turns out I misread the syllabus and the assignment I had been working on in Peirce- which was a letter to any person past, present, or future whom we wanted to write to- wasn’t due that day and we actually had class time to work on it so I was ahead. I guess I must have misunderstood the Moodle page.

3:00 p.m.- Left Ascension. Usually I would go into the Bolton scene shop, but we’re not really doing anything right now for Our Town, so instead I went back to Watson to change into some nice clothes for juries later.

4:00 p.m- Back to Storer for Männerchor rehearsal. Please note: Sunday at 1 pm is our concert in Brandi Recital Hall. Everyone should come!

5:00 p.m.- My friends in Männerchor and I met up with some other friends along our way to dinner. I was pleasantly surprised that Peirce had beef stroganoff with mashed potatoes and noodles. It’s always a solid meal and yesterday’s was especially good. They also had the amish butterscotch cookies; those are definitely my favorite.

6:00 p.m.- Back to Storer to practice for juries at 6:55 pm. I always go for practice room 10, which every music major agrees is the best room because it has a window, but that and all the other rooms were full so I tried to go into Rosse, but all the lights were off and they house them in a locked cabinet, so I ended up warming up in the riser storage area.

6:45 p.m.- Went out into the hall to wait for juries, which only take about seven minutes. This jury was interesting because as I walked in my advisor Dane Heuchemer, or just ‘H’ as music students call him, greeted me and said my name, which is atypical because generally speaking the jurors don’t say anything to you, but I said my name and began. I was playing Tempo di Minuetto in the style of Pugnani by Fritz Kriesler. He was kind of a weird person- this particular piece is one he composed himself, but when he first played it he said it was written by another person for some reason, ergo the “in the style of Pugnani.” So I performed that, they said ‘nice,’ and I left.

7:30 p.m.- Had symphony rehearsals in Rosse for about 2 hours. We’re getting ready for a concerto competition concert, so it was good to rehearse for that before we all leave for break.

9:50 p.m.- Finally left the music halls and went home to Watson.

10:00 p.m.- Got back to Watson. I decided to take care of some minor chores, like resewing a button on one pair of pants that had been coming off for a while, cleaning up a little and putting stuff away, and taking care of some clean laundry.

11:00 p.m.- Went upstairs to hang out with my friend Katherine Connolly, who is the most attractive girl on Kenyon College’s campus. That was what she made me promise I would say when I told her I was doing this piece for The Thrill.

12:30 a.m.- I wrote my day up for our interview and went to bed.


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