Doppelgangers: Milad Momeni ’15 and Nick Massari ’18


The Thrill has many long-standing traditions, like poignant 10 0′ Clock Lists, an overall witty voice, and, of course, recognizing campus’ lookalikes. Among all the lords and ladies few doppelgangers are more notorious than Milad Momeni ’15 and Nick Massari ’18. These two look so much alike that even after thoroughly stalking the pair on Facebook I still found it impossible to guess their identities upon first meeting them at the Wiggleground.

Milad is an International Studies major from New York, NY. Here on the hill he plays rugby, leads MESA and is a member of the PEEPs.

Nick is an anticipated English major from Los Angeles, CA. He’s also an SMA and an intern at Gund Gallery.

With a similar sense of style and identical glasses, it was inevitable that the two would eventually be mistaken for each other. They revealed that their mutual friends often mix them up along Middle Path. At first this confused Nick, but when he saw Milad for the first time everything made sense. He remembers thinking, “wow that does look like me”. In an especially awkward encounter, Milad recalls hosting a MESA meeting when someone saw him from behind and asked, “is that Nick?”. The two speculate that part of the misunderstanding is an ethnicity thing, although they don’t share the same heritage (Milad is Iranian while Nick is Honduran and Italian). Regardless, the two have bonded over their similar appearance and both have a great sense of humor about the situation.

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