10 o’clock list: Hottest Kenyon Presidents

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 11.50.32 AM

Presidential hotties. You’re welcome.

We all know the US had some pretty fine presidents. But hey, you know who else did? Kenyon College. The men (and woman!) that have shaped Kenyon deserve to be honored for their commitment to excellence, but definitely not right now. Let’s appreciate them for the important stuff in life: looks.

  1. Franze Edward Lund, Ph.D. From his on-trend glasses to the soft smile, Pres. Lund is the bookish hottie you see across the library and wonder, “Hey cutie, what’re you reading?”


2.  Gordon Keith Chalmers, Ph.D. Classically handsome with strong nose and dreamy eyes, Pres. Chalmers is that cutie you see walking along Middle Path who looks myserious.


3. Rev. James Kent Stone, A.M. Fun fact: Pres. Stone was 24 years old when he became President of Kenyon! This dreamy Pres. is mature for his age, always offering advice while rocking a well-trimmed goatee.


4. David Bates Douglass, LL.D. Tall, dark, and handsome, Pres. Douglass is rocking the sensitive lumberjack look.


and last but certainly not least…

5. Susan Georgia Nugent, Ph.D. The queen herself. Winning smile, flawless looks, Pres. Nugent is the total package.


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