Midnight Breakfast: A Liveblogging Experience II

What’s up, Kenyon? Caitie March ’19 and Sarah McPeek ’19 here. It’s time for another Midnight Breakfast live blog! Wheee!

We’ll begin with a dilemma. Namely, this fallen soldier, spotted earlier tonight. Amazing.


Update: he has been crushed by the weight of his lonely existence.


Update: And I thought the lines were bad at 12pm on Wednesday! But everyone seems in high spirits considering, and we all surge forward as one, bound by our shared sense of hopelessness and longing. When you’ve  got four lengthy essays and two mammoth exams weighing on your conscience, a ten minute wait for some much-needed nourishment really doesn’t seem so wrong.


Update: THEY PLAYED A SONG FROM HAMILTON. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Other appreciated music selections included Come On Eileen, not one but TWO hits from the Jonas Brothers, and, of course, Bohemian Rhapsody. Also, it’s breakfast time!!! Creds to me for the photo. Creds to Sam Roschewsk ’18 for the folder and breakfast arrangement.


Oh snickerdoodle, oh snickerdoodle, you are all that is right with this world. Soft, chewy, cinnamony, absolutely scrumpdiddlyicious. You let me know that everything is going to be alright. They just played Bohemian Rhapsody, and I could almost hear the collective sighs of defeat from the entire student body in their impassioned singing and head-banging: nothing really matters, nothing really matters to meeeeeeee.”

Update: We spotted a mysterious stain on our way downstairs. What could it be? Coffee? Chocolate? The dark tears of seniors drowning in comps? Who knows?


Thus with full bellies and full hearts, not to mention a sugar rush powerful enough to last through Friday, we recede into our hermitage. Thank you Peirce for the delicious study break, and good luck on exams everyone!


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