Kenyon Zodiac: Santa’s Reindeer

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Jingle jangle jungle joongle

Guys. We’re so close. Once our tears to stop flowing and the Moodle deadlines close, the sweet sweet relief of the holiday spirit will carry us into break. Until then, get a taste of the yuletide joy by feasting your peepholes on the star signs as…Santa’s Reindeer! You know…from that one song! About reindeer! And bullying! But also the importance individuality? You know that song, right?

Aries- Rudolph. People love you! You’re unique, have an interesting back story and everyone knows you by name. Keep living your best life!

Taurus- Dasher. You’re a patient and reliable friend, always ~*dashing*~ to the side of anyone who needs your help. 

Gemini- A car with antlersUgh, mom you’re so embarrassing! You can’t pick me up from school in that! Uggh h hj gh gh khgjhhhhhh 

Cancer- Cupid. An emotional and caring person, you open to your heart to everyone and are especially protective of your friends.

Leo- Dancer. You’re a warm-hearted and generous goofball, and always willing to do a little jig to cheer up anyone who needs it.  

Virgo- An actual reindeer. You’re legit, Virgo. You’re more easygoing than the other signs, and enjoy the simple pleasures in life such as grass or living in the wild. 

Libra- Vixen. If Han Solo and Princess Leia had a child it would be you, Libra. Diplomatic and suave, romantic and charismatic, you might be the most powerful person in the galaxy.

Scorpio- CometOnce again Scorpio, you’re a mystery. What are you, after all? A reindeer? Part of our solar system? Excellent indie film starring Justin Long? No one is entirely sure. 

Sagittarius- A dog with antlers. You’re the true gem here. Anyone who lays eyes you bound to have an excellent day.

Capricorn- Prancer. You’re an icon, Capricorn. 

Aquarius- This cover of the Rudolph song. A weird and wonderful treat. Why does it exist? No one really knows. But we’re happy it does!

Pisces- Blitzen. You have have an excellent imagination with great ideas and a huge creative influence. Or you’re blazed out of your mind. 

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