Let Us Take a Collective Breath on This Hump Day

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Look at all these white guys

Hello beautiful. It’s me, Beautiful. Just wanting to check in on how you’re feeling, how you’re doing, all that really good stuff. How are finals going for you? Have you been getting enough compassionate support from your friends? Have you been offering enough compassionate support to your friends?

I’ve got some good news, and that good news is that it is finally Wednesday. But wait, I’ve got even better news, and that news is that time doesn’t ever pause until we’re dead and then we’re dead. If your week has been anything like mine, you’ve spent something like 36 hours (and counting!) in Olin and you’re one Well-Intentioned but Unprompted Peer Explaining El Niño’s Effect on Winter away from snapping in half like a twig made brittle from the bitter cold.

A little wordy on the street told me that Wednesday of finals week is supposed to be a reading day. Meaning no scheduled exams. A day to inhale…..and exhale. Dare I make these tiny suggestions to our tiny student body: everybody, please, for the love of God, take this time to BREATHE and DRINK WATER and EAT A CITRUS. Maybe SHOWER if you haven’t in a while? Close your little dead eyes and let them sleep for an hour. They’ll simply never stop thanking you!

The bad news is that a quick kenyon.edu search revealed that this Reading Wednesday was just another lie fed to me by a faceless nobody who I wish I could remember so that I could publicly shame them on The Very Well Read Blog The Kenyon Thrill. Lately I have been capitalizing letters unnecessarily because I can only think of words in terms of paper titles! Anyways, consider this a shoutout to those TR 8:10-9:40 classes scheduled for exams at 6:30 tonight – good luck on your final exams/projects/papers. Good luck to us all. This was so nice of me to write.


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