The Friday Ketchup


The first semester’s basically over, guys. That means we only have a single semester left this entire school year. For you first years, that means soon you’ll be doing all sorts of fun stuff like rushing a Greek organization, or playing a spring sport, maybe even applying for an internship. For seniors like me, that means the next few months will be spent in utter terror as we face the increasingly approaching truth that is reality and “adulthood,” that nebulous concept hiding in the dark corners of our mind, beckoning to us like the grim reaper, spreading fears of a dead end job and a loveless marriage that slog along for forty years and then you’re old and retired and useless and no one wants you anymore, and you look back on your life and realize its all been wasted, but you come to terms with it in such a sad way, because no one like a bitter old man. So I sure can’t wait for that. It’s the Friday Ketchup.

Martin Shkreli, the entrepreneur who earlier this year made headlines for greatly increasing the price of an toxoplasmosis drug, was arrested on Thursday on securities fraud charges related to a previous business venture. He allegedly took investors money to pay off debts owed with another company, which is, like, super illegal.

People are always calling this Shkreli guy a scumbag, and I just don’t get it. Sure, he jacked up the price of a drug that’s been around for years and saves peoples lives for no reason, but if he wants to do that, that’s his prerogative. It’s really the American way, isn’t it? Getting rich in any way you can, especially off the people who can least afford to fight you, is a hallowed American tradition. Really, we should be praising this guy for being a Great American Capitalist. All those people complaining maybe should’ve spent that time pulling themselves up by their bootstraps instead.

In other new, I had finals this week, which means I really have no idea what happened out in the world. Sure, I could look it up online I guess, but that sounds like a lot of work. Instead, here’s the trailer of my favorite piece of cinema in 2015:

Okay, time to go home for break now. See ya next year.


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