Monday Catchup: Welcome Back


Everything’s mostly the same except now there’s SNOW.


Welcome back, kiddos! We here at The Thrill hope that you all had refreshing, productive breaks. Now that we’ve all returned to campus with twinkles in our eyes and springs in our steps, it’s time catch up on what’s different. After a wonderful semester, Annaliese Milano ‘16 is taking on the role of editor emerita, along with fellow emeriti Jack Quigley ‘16 and Claire Berman ‘16. Natasha Preston ‘17 and Carolyn Ten Eyck ‘18 are your new Editors-in-Chief, with Yasmin Nesbat ‘18  stepping into the position of Executive Editor.

As always, The Thrill wants to continue producing quality content, and welcomes any (respectful) feedback that you might have. Please email us at if you have ideas about what you’d like to see from us this semester. Applications to write for us are open until the end of this week and we also accept guest pieces.

Here’s what’s going to be happening this week:

  • Martin Luther King Day events will be taking place over the course of the day. To find the schedule of events, click here.
  • Owls of Ohio will be occurring at the BFEC on 1/21. Led by Former Metro Park Chief Naturalist Gary Moore, this will be an adventure in the the lives of owls in Ohio.


  • Four Gund Gallery exhibits including the work of Roxy Paine, Trevor Paglen and Harun Farocki, and Rafael Lozano-­Hemmer will be opening this week on the 22nd and an opening reception at Gund will be from 5:00 PM until 8:00 PM. More information on these events can be found here.


  • Thomas B. Greenslade, Jr. will lead a physics lecture called “It’s All Done With Mirrors – Demonstrations New and Old for Young and Old” at Hayes Hall 109 on 1/22 from 3:10 until 4:00


  • The Angelia Waite Student Recital, celebrating student musicians, takes place at Brandi Recital Hall in Storer Hall on 1/23 at 7:00 pm.

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