Netflix Recommendations 4 U


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we know you want to

Winter break was a time for family, the benevolent spirit of Old Saint Nicholas, and television. If you didn’t watch at least one television series for an unsettling yet impressive number of hours, then get out. (also please contact me and explain how you got your life together asap) For the rest of us who are arriving back to Kenyon with a few shows under our belts, let’s keep that binge-watching momentum alive with some new recommendations for your peepers to enjoy!

  • If you watched House of Cards, you should watch Black Mirror.

If you like House of Cards’ brutal world of politics, you’ll love the Twilight Zone-esque worlds created by Black Mirror. Similar to House of Cards, Black Mirror is intensely smart, disturbing, and will stay with you long after the episode ends. Also, the first episode is that exact same blue/grey color scheme as Cards! 

  • If you watched Louie, you should watch Bojack Horseman.

If Louie were a cartoon about Hollywood and instead of people you had humanoid animals, you would have Bojack Horseman. Both shows are clever and darkly funny, with episodes that leave you unsettled… but in a good way? Fair warning: you will never get Bojack’s end credits song out of your head.

  • If you watched Parks and Recreation, you should watch Master of None.

I’ll be the first person to admit that nothing will ever come close to Parks. However, Aziz Ansari’s Master of None is worth a watch for the charming characters and a special cameo by Father John Misty in episode 3.

  • If you watched Arrested Development, you should watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

If you loved the Arrested Development ensemble comedy with a bunch of idiots trying to figure shit outyou’ll love watching Sunny‘s group of idiots try to navigate the real world (with very, very limited success). Keep your eye out for Danny DeVito as Frank – that kid’s going places!

  • If you watched 30 Rock, you should watch Saturday Night Live.

I love Tina Fey. You love Tina Fey. We love Tina Fey. Now that you’ve finished watching 30 Rock, hop over to a real-live sketch show at 30 Rockefeller Plaza. You can find “the 2010’s” on Netflix but extra points if you head over to Hulu and watch the seasons when Tina was a cast member!

  • Lastly, you should watch Making a Murderer.

Just… you should watch Making a Murderer. 

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