The Sunny Side of Winter


Things are looking (sunny side) up!

Maybe this sounds familiar.

Wind whips your eyes open, revealing that cutie just feet away on middle path. You grin.

Big mistake.

Blinded by the youthful beauty gliding by, you forget that your lips are dangerously chapped from the gusty squall. They crack and bleed immediately. Now blood is oozing down your chin. Woozy from feeling and seeing this, you teeter. Your legs flounder about, seeking stability on a patch of ice. The ground flies up, you fly down, and that person you wanted to impress flies by.

You’re cold. You’re sad. You’re kinda bloody. That is, perhaps, the definition of winter. But, there is a sunny side to winter on campus. As the bleak nothingness of February approaches, you can fill your time with some activities that can, hopefully, alleviate some sadness.

For those who love winter’s bounty of snow and cold

  • Hey you movie buffs and film majors, this challenge is for you! When the snow falls have fun running around in freshly made tracks. Try and walk backwards in those tracks à la Danny in The Shining.

For those who think winter is “ok, I guess”…

  • Scared that the hypothetical chapped lip/cutie/falling situation may be in your future? Fix it by salting the path in front of you as you walk. This requires some prep, but you may just be the new campus hero.

For those who want the speed of a bike without the bulky machinery…

  • Is getting rid of the inevitable ice too much for you?  Try embracing it, instead. Polish up some skates and cruise to class.

For those who just legitimately hate winter…

  • Want to avoid winter all together? Take the trademarked Peirce Challenge! From 8 am until 8 pm you must stay in Peirce. No leaving to grab something from your room. No playing in the snow. This is 12 consecutive hours of Peirce pleasure!

Now go and embrace just chillin’ , kids!


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