While You Were Away Last Semester…

Welcome back! You might be wondering what happened on the Hill last semester and want to catch up, because this place changes a lot in a single semester, right? To help you get back into Kenyon life, here are some of the things that happened on campus last semester.

  • We got some new faces on campus with the largest incoming class in Kenyon history. This past fall Kenyon welcomed 498 new students in the Class of 2019.
  • The campus was undergoing renovation on Middle Path this past summer, so when we all came back there were industrial work lights and rope gates lining Middle Path for a few weeks.
  • The Mad Cow began operating last fall. This student run business cooked grilled cheese (including a dessert Nutella sandwich special) at different locations all over campus last semester and plans to return this semester.
  • Dancers and Musicians from Burkina Faso in the Dafra Kura group came to campus for a week long residency where they taught classes in West African dance and drumming and performed in Rosse Hall at the end of the week.
  • Emergency notifications and alerts were sent to students concerning a double homicide that occurred on Coschocton Road at the end of September. There was no sighting of the suspect on campus, and in October the suspect was indicted for his crimes with several charges.
  • Mugs! For No Waste November, ECO and the student council gathered mugs from the community and donated them to Peirce for students to use and then return to Peirce to increase our campus’s green footprint. 
  • Twista came to campus in December to shake things up in Gund Commons thanks to the Social Board.
  • In November there was a demonstration in Peirce to show solidarity with student activists at Mizzou, Yale, Claremont McKenna and others.

To find out more information about what happened while you were away check out our posts from last semester! We’re happy you’re back.

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