Lewis 208: L’Dor Vador, From Generation to Generation

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together again for the first time!

This post was co-authored by Nate Rosenberg and Erica Christie

It all started August 2014, when a young and naive Nate Rosenberg moved into Lewis 208. Little did he know, that history would repeat itself when an equally young and naive Erica Christie moved into that very same room a year later. You’ll never guess what happens next!

Interestingly enough, both kids would eventually become writers for the much adored humor blog The Kenyon Thrill. Naturally, we decided to unite them for the first time in the titular location.

Upon arrival, Nate was immediately struck by the open blinds, for he enjoyed living in darkness during his stay in Lewis 208. Erica, on the other hand, prefers not to exert the energy required to close the blinds.

Nate was sure to check up on the bay leaf he lovingly left on the ceiling for the future residents. According to him, they keep away Asian beetles. (Whether or not this is correct remains a mystery.) The bay leaf remains to this day, with Erica unable to confirm if it helped the Asian beetle situation at all. Nate continued to elaborate on his beetle killing technique throughout the duration of this meeting.

Erica eventually admitted her gratitude that this meeting did not take place the previous day, as she had been dealing with a serious mold infestation. Surprisingly enough, Nate was quick to point out that he had dealt with the same issue the previous year. The similarities continued as they both revealed they had to go out and buy basic cleaning supplies in order to combat the problem.

At this point, Erica’s roommate Anastasia brought up that she spent time in this room with Nate while she was a Prospie. They watched SNL together. The following year, countless episodes of SNL would be watched in that same twin XL bed.

Both writers agreed that Lewis 208 is a special room in a wonderful hall. In fact, Nate says that the Lewis 208 days were his glory days and hopes that Erica will feel the same way. It’s a small world/school after all!

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