Queer 101: How to Major in Gay


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We’re back! Yay! ❉Queer 101❉ has returned after a long and restful break to bring you a brief description of some queer-related classes you can take during your time at Kenyon. Unfortunately, the add/drop period is about to end, but you can definitely keep these courses in mind if they’re offered again next year. If you have any recommendations of your own, leave them in the comments section below. So, without further ado, Queer 101 presents How to Major in Gay. Enjoy!


Queer Tales, Queer Texts (a.k.a Queer Lit 101) with Professor McAdams

This class might not be offered every year, but if it is, you should definitely take it! In Queer Tales, Queer Texts, you’ll read many different types of works from many different perspectives. Course material includes When My Brother Was an Aztec, a collection of poems written by Mojave American author Natalie Diaz, Fun Home, the infamous graphic novel (that’s now a musical, whee!) by Allison Bechdel, Shani Mootoo’s Cereus Blooms at Night and many more. The only downfall of Queer Tales, Queer Texts is that it’ll be difficult for upperclassmen to get into since it’s an English 103. Other than that, it’s absolutely wonderful!


Human Sexualities (a.k.a Queer Theory 101) with Professor Finke

Human Sexualities is a Women’s and Gender Studies course that covers the basics of Queer Theory. It goes over everything from sexuality to gender to subcultures, exploring the political, cultural, and scientific aspects of what it means to be queer. Course material includes Erica Fischer’s Aimee and JaguarThe Queer Art of Failure written by Jack Halberstam, several essays written by different queer theorists, and many more texts exploring sexuality/gender. This class is open to first years, but upperclassmen are able to take it as well.


Psychology of Human Sexual Behavior with Professor Murnen

This class centers around discussions of queerness and gender. While some of the language and texts used are slightly antiquated, there’s definitely room for good discussions and interesting debates. A Psych 100 prerequisite is required for this course. You can also take it if you got a 5 on the AP Psychology exam.


Autobiographical Theory and Practice with Professor Heidt

While this course isn’t listed as a queer theory or WGS-related class, many of the texts covered throughout the semester discuss queer themes or have the potential to explore autobiographical depictions of a queer identity. Of course, with authors like Virginia Woolf and Gertrude Stein on the list, discussions about sexuality are likely to occur. An English 103 prerequisite is required to take this course.


Gender Benders with Professor Murthy

Gender Benders focuses on questioning the gender binary and pushing past gender normative/heteronormative boundaries. It explores gender spectrums in different ways to deconstruct preconceived notions about gender and to focus on a third space existing outside the spheres of “male” and “female.” This course has an English 103 or 104 prerequisite requirement.


And that’s all we have for today! As always, if you have any topics you’d like to see Queer 101 explore, shoot us an email or comment below.

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