Sophomore Sound-Off: Rush Week Reflections

greek council

Welcome to rush week, lords and ladies! It’s an exciting and busy time for all involved. We asked our sophomore writers to reflect on their relationship with greek life here at Kenyon. Disclaimer: This post does not aim to reflect the sentiments of Kenyon’s student body as a whole, as these are less than ten voices out of many, many more. Have something thoughtful and constructive to add to the discussion? Comment below!

Yasmin Nesbat

I never ever, really expected to rush any form of sorority when I came to college. Talking to members of Archons gave me a new and refreshing interpretation of what Greek life can be, and I decided to give it a try. The people I’ve met through Archons are some of the best people at Kenyon, and looking back I’m glad I made the decision to rush. In my mind, greek culture at Kenyon is all up to how each person, as an individual, wants it to be.

Nate Rosenberg 

Greek life just never had any strong appeal to me, both when I was looking at schools and then when actual rush took place.  I don’t really have any regrets that I did not rush.  That being said, many of my friends have had such wonderful experiences being a part of a fraternity or sorority and I’m very happy for them!

Carolyn Ten Eyck

I never really thought about rushing. For me, it just wasn’t part of my plan for college, and I had so many other things to do during my first semester that I let the emails and notifications for rush events go by without ever really looking at them. I knew coming into college that greek life wasn’t really for me, and while I have many friends who love the sororities and fraternities they’re in, I don’t regret my decision not to rush.

Kenda Tucker

I rushed on a whim and I ended up pledging Theta. The whole rush process was really fun and I ended up meeting some of my best friends through my sorority, so I think it was a really good experience for me.

Shayne Wagner

I’ve never really imagined myself being apart of greek life and I didn’t feel the pressure to rush at Kenyon, so I didn’t. I don’t regret my decision but it’s nice knowing that if I ever feel compelled to join something later, the process is really fun and nothing like the horror stories I heard from my close friends at bigger schools.

Catherine Collison

I decided not to rush simply because I knew that if I did, my mom would make sure that I rushed Theta. This is definitely not to say that I wouldn’t probably love being a Theta, as the ones that I do know at Kenyon are lovely and love being one; rather, it would mean that my mother, who was/is technically also a Theta (KAΘ from North Dakota State University, Class of 1980 – GO BISONS) would also be my sister! That would be crazy – my mom is also my sister?? That’s some Back To The Future business that I just wouldn’t be able to handle!! (Note: I know this is not how sisterhood works, nor how the plot of Back To The Future really is. [Please, if you do nothing else, trust when I say that my investment in the B2TF trilogy is almost as deep and rewarding as the bonds that connect brothers/sisters alike across the Kenyon Greek system.])

Harry Kalish

I went to several rush events and they were all quite memorable in their own way. I was able to get an inside look at communities at Kenyon that I didn’t even know existed. I decided not to join any greek life organization, but I’m very glad I participated in rush because I met some interesting folks and got to do a bunch of fun shit for free!

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