The Monday Catchup


Soon the snow will come!

Welcome back! I bet you were itching to celebrate Snow Plow Mailbox Hockey Day  with your friends! Every January 23rd calls for Snow Plow Drivers everywhere to see how many rural mailboxes they can knock over. It’s a favorite holiday of mine, and I celebrated it heartily this past weekend.

We asked how everyone felt after, no-doubt, celebrating this monumental holiday. Here are some nice responses.

I feel like a jar of mayonnaise with a cracked lid.

I’m feeling like a solid 8/10.

*hoarse laugh* [I feel] bad. Just. Not. No.

Glad to see Kenyon students had a festive first weekend! Here are some events to curb your post-Snow Plow Mailbox Hockey Day withdrawal symptoms.

What: Greek stuff

  • Feel the ~*RuSH*~
  • Register for rush week here.

When: All week

Where: All over


What: Human Rights Film Series- Burden of Peace

  • Inspired by the Human Rights Watch Film Festival held at Lincoln Center each year, this annual Gund Gallery series is organized by an interdisciplinary curatorial team of faculty from all divisions of the college, museum staff and students who have selected four films to screen and discuss.

When: 1/26 7 pm

Where: Community Foundation Theater in the Gund Gallery


What: B-Ball

  • Watch the Women’s and Men’s basketball teams destroy Oberlin.

When: 1/27 6 pm and 8 pm

Where: KAC

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