A Day in the Life: Alex Hill


Alex Hill

the man, the myth

In this feature, The Thrill will showcase a typical day of a member of the Kenyon Community: student, faculty, or staff. If you have nominations for people to be showcased, please share them in the comments or email us at thekenyonthrill@gmail.com.

Alex Hill is a prospective English and/or Anthropology major from Portland, Oregon. If you don’t know Alex, there’s a chance you may have seen him around campus practicing parkour. He writes:

I love parkour because it is physically projective of life. Every vault is an obstacle overcome. The more you do it the more it works. Today was something like a new obstacle, and I’m finding new ways to get over it, around it, under it; whatever it takes to run free through it.

Let’s go further into his mind, or more specifically his day!

A day in my life wouldn’t usually look like today.
9:00 a.m.- I woke up and went to breakfast. I had eggs and coffee and went to Anthropology seminar. That much was like any other Tuesday.
10:00 a.m.- After that I went to the KAC, which usually I do at night. I did 12 push-up to t-stands with my supporting hand on a Bosu. Then I did 12 assisted one arm pull-ups. Then I switched arms. Then I did 9 bench presses, then 3 wide-grip pull-ups, then six bench-presses. At this point I got distracted. I didn’t feel like being at the gym today. This happens sometimes. Maybe it was a day to practice flipping. But I wasn’t allowed access to the crash mat so instead I did bridges. About five minutes of form training, then 12 bridge push-ups, then 7, then I held a bridge for 20 seconds. Everything about my work out felt unfocused today.
After that- I went up to Gund Game room and practiced handstands for five minutes. Then I finished my first piece for Intro to Fiction seminar.
1:00 p.m.(ish)- I ate lunch and went to my first vocal lesson of the semester.
After that- I went back to my dorm and edited my fiction piece.
4:00 p.m.- I Skyped my therapist. We had a fun talk.
After that– I finished editing, printed out 13 copies, and went to dinner. I had a sandwich and yogurt with granola and sat with people I don’t normally sit with.
7:00 p.m.- Then I went to fiction seminar. Kluge was not a fan of my application piece.
10:20 p.m.– I’m in my room exhausted, writing this. It was a long, weird day, moving from colorful to gray and back and forth a little too quickly. It feels fitting to report to you strangers about it. I wouldn’t want you peeking into a normal one.

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