The Friday Ketchup



I think it’s safe to finally say it. I have an opinion about a thing here at Kenyon. That’s right, I think something is certainly a way, and it could be another way. It would probably be more of something if it were the way I wanted instead of the way it is now. Sure, people like that thing as it is now, but they are afraid of changing it. I know other people think the same as I do about this thing. We should talk to people about it. Let them know how we feel. If enough people let other people know our opinion about the thing, maybe we could get that thing to be a different thing, or at least a better thing than it is now. Wouldn’t that be great? It’s the Friday Ketchup.

On Tuesday, the British Board of Film Classification announced it had given the rating of U (equivalent to an American G rating) to Paint Drying, a ten-hour film consisting of a single shot of white paint drying. The film was created as an act of protest against film censorship in Britain. Given how the film consists literally only of white, it should be considered an early favorite for next year’s Academy Awards.

In sports news, a dog in Alabama accidentally ran a half-marathon and ended up finishing in seventh place. The dog, a bloodhound, was let out by her owner and proceeded to join the race, running alongside humans who had purposefully decided to enter the contest. The very good dog can be seen below:

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 10.43.33 PM

Via: Elmwood Hound Dog Half Facebook

I want to know what was wrong with the people the dog beat in the race. Were they just too doggone tired? Were their dogs barking? Were they as sick as a dog? Or did this dog just have his day?

Those are all the dog jokes I can think of right now. Throw me a bone if you can think of more.

Okay, there’s no more stuff down below here. I guess you could look at the comments, but there usually isn’t any. You could leave a comment, though. That would be nice. I never hear from you anymore. You’re always so busy, what with school and friends and activities and whatnot. I just wish you’d check in every once in a while. I miss you.


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