Blog Off: Preston ’17 vs Potter ’17

We like to stay pretty competitive here at The Thrill, and a Blog Off is one way we can definitively prove that one of us is objectively a better blogger (dare we say, a better person).  So we leave it to you, the reader, to decide in a blind taste test who is really better as we square off on various topics. This time around, we have Gracie Potter ‘17 and Natasha Preston ‘17, two juniors battling it out RE: Papa John’s vs. Domino’s. Who will come out on top? Only you can decide.

Blogger A:

Let’s take a page out of Huey Lewis and the News’s book and go “back in ti-eeem. You’re hosting your first real sleepover, a thoroughly carpeted affair involving karaoke, board games and the heavy scent of Smacker’s flavored lip gloss. Your parents are in rare form; they haven’t bothered you since they whisked away your friends’ boots and coats and returned with a full bowl of Lay’s sour cream and onion chips. Your friends have already marvelled at your finished basement, and they’ve chosen their respective sleeping territories without kicking up much of a fuss in the process. This is going great, your tiny, pea-sized tweenage brain thinks. I could really be somebody after this.

But the chip bowl’s luscious fruits are slowly disappearing. Your friends, crumbs stuck to the corners of their shiny, shiny mouths, are beginning to give you purposeful, forlorn looks. Each takes a turn rubbing her stomach, sighing mournfully as if lamenting the death of a faraway relative. It takes you a moment, but soon, a switch within you flips. You know what you have to do.

Running upstairs, you call out for your parents, squealing the name of the only man you’ve ever loved. Your mother, in all her grace, mutes the television and picks up the phone.

“Extra cheese,” you whisper. You retreat into the shadows, anxious and ready.

A half an hour passes much like the ones before. Truth or dare is played; crushes are revealed; gasps of adolescent wonderment are exchanged between your friends. But your focus has been compromised. There is only one thing on your mind.

The doorbell chimes. You spring to your feet and run up the stairs, nearly tripping over a series of sparkly pink backpacks. Reaching the top, you hold yourself back, peering around the frame of the hall door to watch your mother retrieve the best gift you could ever hope for. The sleepover is now guaranteed to be a success. Your social status is hereby elevated. Your life as you know it is changed forever.

Papa’s in the house.

(Note: If you need anymore convincing, please refer to the experts. Thank you.)

Blogger B:

I come from a Domino’s family, so I was a bit out of the loop when I came to Kenyon because everyone here is obsessed with Papa John’s. But I don’t get it. It was pretty “rough” my first two years here because I didn’t know there was a Domino’s that delivered near Kenyon and “dealt” with eating Papa John’s. During this pizza dark age I dreamt about that beautiful garlic on the regular crust that is the right balance between crispy, chewy, and garlic and that tangy sauce that makes your mouth water. Papa’s just tastes like plastic or like oil to me, and the cheese always leaves a weird aftertaste in my mouth that reminds me of stuffing the last piece of pizza in my mouth after chugging a beer in Old K. But Domino’s. Domino’s. Each time I open the online ordering site I feel like I am coming home again. I had my first Dominos when I was five and I still remember that life changing experience when Domino’s gave me a paper Domino’s car. I was hooked then, and nothing has changed.

I normally like veggie pizzas, but to me Papa’s veggie pizza tastes like watered down vegetables that once were frozen. At Domino’s I get my classic order of a thin crust, extra sauce, veggie pizza knowing that my friends at Dominos get the order right every time. Then comes the pizza tracker page, which is incredible because I can see who is making my order, when they put it in the oven, how long they cook it, and when they leave the store. I even can change the theme of the tracker page and write words of encouragement; it feels like Dominos and I are in this together. Then the pizza comes and I swear I have hit nirvana because it’s drooping in sauce and has feta cheese, spinach, red peppers, olives, and tomatoes that don’t taste like they were just thawed from the fridge. The only downside is the Mt. Vernon store closes at 1:15 AM so drunk orders are hard, but i’ve worked it out so I order before a crazy night so I can still come home to my fave pizza. Also Dominos now has a system where I can get a free pizza after getting so many points, which basically feels like a pizza birthday. For those of you who are Papa John’s fans: I respect your decision but I’m gonna stay with my Dominos family.

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