Sendoff Date Changes, New Rules for 2016

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Update: The Thrill is conducting a survey to gauge opinions on these changes. Check it out here. (Alums, feel free to email us thekenyonthrill @ with opinions.)

In an email sent to students this morning, the College announced a new date for the annual Summer Sendoff Concert as well as new rules that will apply this year. Of note, the new date coincides with the weekend before finals, meaning the usual Saturday-after-Sendoff festivities (aka “Extendoff”) cannot take place as 24-hour quiet hours will be in effect. Additionally, the pre-concert South Quad gathering (read: playpen) will no longer take place. (Though this part wasn’t explicit in the email, the Thrill has confirmed this with the Student Activities Office.) Instead, third-party vendor(s) will be situated on Ransom Lawn and, “Students of age can purchase wristbands with tabs for up to five drinks,” the announcement reads. It also states that “no other alcohol will be permitted.”

Check out the full announcement here:

Signaling the end of the academic year, Summer Sendoff will take place on Friday, May 6, beginning at 4 p.m. on Ransom Lawn.
This year’s celebration includes food from AVI as well as food trucks, alcohol for purchase by students who are 21 or older and a concert that begins at 7 p.m. The Social Board will select the band.
“It is the thing people talk about of being a Kenyon student,” said Phoebe Roe ’16, a psychology major and Student Council president. “It’s one of the most important days. It’s a really celebratory time. We come together, go outside, have good food, celebrate music.”
“Summer Sendoff has been an important tradition at Kenyon for many years,” said Meredith Harper Bohnam ’92, vice president for student affairs. “We want students to mark the end of classes in a festive but responsible way.”
This year, the College will work with a third-party provider to sell alcohol on site during the festivities. Students of age can purchase wristbands with tabs for up to five drinks. Underage students will be given wristbands of another color. No other alcohol will be permitted.
Student Affairs will launch surveys in February to get recommendations from students for food trucks and other activities.
With the exception of alcohol purchases, all Summer Sendoff activities, including food, will be provided free of charge to the Kenyon community.

Prepared by the Office of Communications

February 2, 2016



35 responses

  1. As an alum, this is highly disappointing. When I was a student, I was treated like an adult, and encouraged to make my own choices and live with the consequences. It appears that the administration is now taking the role of ‘babysitter’ in lieu of actually leading. I plan to withhold all future donations until this administration restores lifetime traditions and freedom’s back to the students.

  2. How much are these wristbands/how much are these drinks? For students who are already struggling financially, this just seems like another way to make Kenyon unaffordable/ exclude low income students from activities because of ability to pay.

  3. I am pleased to no longer attend this garbage school. On the other hand I’m not so pleased about how done-garbaged the brand on my degree will be circa 2018 when everyone’s figured out what a garbage place Kenyon has become. I hope the Naz buys the school and uses it exclusively as a place to burn confiscated nudie mags.

  4. Let’s not forget that the last day of classes was already scheduled for the Dance Concert and the Kokes concert. This decision is disrespectful to those student groups, too

  5. usually the band sucks anyway, like big boy. really nailed down the demographic there. but lets hope the avi staff teaches a pottery class on middle path.

  6. How lame. Not that summer sendoff was the greatest thing in the world, but it was a fun day with friends before leaving for the summer. I graduated in the late 1990s. Kenyon used to be fun. Now it’s just another nerd city run by nerds for nerds.

  7. The student body consists of a bunch of pussies too chicken shit to do anything about this new policy. Next year we’re going to make Kenyon a dry campus and you’re all just going to bend over and take it. Throw on some lipstick, wear something tight, and have a couple lines of crystal meth to loosen up your various orifices, because I’m coming for all of them at once.

  8. Remember, it’s much safer to all drink to excess and do drugs in your dorm room in small groups, hidden from the eyes of your peers, and be away from any possible support than to run around.

    I feel terrible for the undergrads dealing with this nonsense. It’s a gateway to higher risk of alcohol poisoning, and all sorts of messed up issues.

    Kids: Drink, hydrate, have fun, and don’t let these milquetoast policies ruin the fun.

  9. It’s a sad state of affairs not just for Kenyon, but for colleges across America. They’re becoming nursery schools, highly-supervised, overwhelmed with idiotic rules and regulations (you need to get permission to kiss; boys may not enter a girl’s room. Now this.). Part of this, I’m sure, has to do with local sheriff issues; but can we get real about Kenyon? The Cove is Kenyon. The VI is Kenyon. (So was cheese soup once, but most alumni who are still walking probably don’t know that.) Kenyon is what it is because of its profound intensity: intense intimacy among students, intense connections between students and professors, intense isolation, intense intellectual challenges, and intense social life.

    I have been a huge fan of President Decatur, and commend him for so many things that he has done to preserve the spirit of Kenyon and, more, the sanctity of the liberal arts as a place for questioning and free expression, a place to explore ideas and cherish their diversity. I applaud him for his approach to education and the BDS movement, his take on the Hirsi Ali debacle, his commitment to free thought.

    This, however, recalls the Georgia years – a time when I stopped all donations, and waited eagerly for her departure and replacement by a responsible new steward who would respect the Kenyon spirit. I thought we’d found that. Please don’t let me be wrong.

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