The College Student’s Guide to Healing Crystals


It’s February and you have problems. Here’s the lowdown: it is believed that crystals can give off certain ~*~energies~*~ that can be helpful to your overall well being. Life is getting you down, so why not try a pretty rock to look at, touch, or just throw at people who bother you! While it’s up to you to decide if you believe in their power, here’s a list of which rocks may help your most pressing problems.

Amethyst for sleeplessness. Need a good night of sleep? Amethyst combats insomnia while aiding creativity! Amethyst is also the birthstone for February, so it may be the right rock to get you through this gloomy month. 


Malachite for nature. No, Malachite isn’t the bad boy from Children of the Corn who probably started your lifelong attraction to villains. Malachite connects you back to the beauty of nature when it gets hard to remember a time when trees weren’t grey. 


Citrine for confidence. Feeling down on yourself? Citrine helps lower those self-criticizing tendencies by raising self esteem. Another tip to help raise self esteem: use a face-morphing snapchat filter for a few minutes and then look at your regular face. You’re beautiful! 


Peridot for physical health. Just because you’ve already battled the Krud last semester doesn’t mean you’re immune this time ’round. So snort a packet of Emergen C and boost your physical health with peridot!


Amber for stress. Take a deep breath and calm your nerves with Amber. If anything, stare into the flaming colors of this stone and contemplate the anxiety fire within yourself. It burns. Amber understands. 


Rose quartz for love. Yeah yeah February yeah yeah Valentines Day yeah yeah loOOve use this one whateVer. 


Fluorite for concentration. Fluorite helps calm the chaos around you in order to help concentration. However, no guarantee if fluorite will help give you the strength to click out of approximately 1000 youtube tabs but it’s worth a shot! 


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