A Day in the Life: Sarah Speroff ’18

Sarah Speroff '18

Lady Sarah Speroff suited up for battle.

In this feature, The Thrill will showcase a typical day of a member of the Kenyon Community: student, faculty, or staff. If you have nominations for people to be showcased, please share them in the comments or email us at thekenyonthrill@gmail.com.

Though Sarah Speroff ’18 and I share the same name, most everyone just calls her Speroff: The name printed on the back of her jersey. Speroff has always considered herself to be a sports person; she’s had years of experience playing hockey (both field and ice) and lacrosse. She is a member of Kenyon’s varsity field hockey team, and she also played lacrosse during her first year. Winter is technically the off-season for field hockey, but the team still gathers together for meals as well as lifting and conditioning. She’s also a member of the budding FHockapella, which had its inaugural performance at the fall Gospel Choir concert. On top of being a team member, she is co-president of Kenyon College Athletes for Equality, an organization that works to create awareness of LGBTQ issues in athletics on both the professional and college levels, promoting inclusivity and respect on every sports team. She also works to protect the Kenyon community in her job as a lifeguard at the KAC pool. Beyond the world of athletics, she is a dedicated sophomore biology major with an environmental studies concentration and an anthropology minor. Though she hails from land-locked Cleveland, where she admits Lake Erie does not provide the ideal aquatic ecosystem, her passion has been environmental marine ecology ever since her high school marine biology class visited the Island School in the Bahamas. On campus, her closest connection to the underwater realm is her beloved betta fish Mango, who she keeps in her Taft apartment in a tank that doubles as a terrarium for growing aquaponic basil.

Here is an under-the-surface look at a typical Monday in the life of Sarah Speroff:

8:30 am: I woke up and went to breakfast with my teammates on Old Side. I had eggs. I always have eggs, and maybe hash brown triangles if they have them. Also coffee. I’m addicted and it’s rough. On a good day I drink 4 to 7 cups of coffee. I take it straight and black, but I also have a french press for when I want something fancier.

9:10 am: I had introductory chemistry. It was not fun. We’re doing polarity again.

10:10 am: I went straight from chemistry to Introduction to Cultural Anthropology with Professor Suggs.  I love that class. right now we’re trying to define culture, which sounds like it should be simple but it really isn’t. It’s an interesting discussion.

11 am: Headed back to my apartment and worked on applications for summer research internships. I’m applying for marine labs: one at Ohio State and one in Florida. The Florida one is my ideal because I’m really interested in coral ecology. They’re animals- most people don’t know that, and they’re so important because they have a huge impact on the entire ocean ecosystem. The Florida research is focused on coral conservation and trying to find ways of preventing the spread of deadly diseases that are wiping out entire reefs. I’m only a sophomore and I have limited experience, so it’s not super likely I’ll get anything, but I’m trying to put myself out there. I stayed in the apartment for about an hour and did the dishes.

Mango the Betta Fish

Mango the betta fish is an alpha male

1:30 pm: I went to lunch, and they were out of gluten free chicken poppers, so I had the gluten free lemon pepper sauce on beef. They made it for me specially- it was really sweet. I stayed in Peirce for two hours doing the Monday crossword. It’s something I challenge myself to do every Monday mainly because it’s the easiest one, but it’s the New York Times so it’s still pretty difficult.

4 pm: I headed down to the KAC to meet up with my team. We did a mile and a half timed run around campus since it was pretty warm out. Then we went inside and did lift circuits in the weight room. We do stations with partners: squats, clamshells, walking lunges, basically all things that give a good full body workout. We completed the circuit twice.

5:45 pm: I went down to the indoor track to talk to the softball team about the Athletes for Equality and have them sign the sportsmanship pledge. The pledge is something the organization started this year that’s taken by every team at the beginning of their season. It’s a promise to welcome and respect all team members regardless of their identity.

6:00 pm: After my meeting with the softball team I went back up to the weight room to do another circuit on my own, which I finished around 6:30.

6:30 pm: Grabbed some dinner at Peirce. I had the- I don’t remember how to say it- bibimbap? It was really good.

7:15 pm: I left Peirce and went to Old Kenyon where I met up with my friend Chelsie, who’s also my co-president in Athletes for Equality. We sat and worked on homework together.

9:30 pm: Went back to my apartment for pajamas and Scandal. I’m already on season 2 and it’s getting good. I just started it a week ago, but they leave you with huge cliff-hangers every time so it’s really hard to stop watching. I also colored in my Under The Sea themed coloring book that my mom gave me for Christmas. It’s really relaxing and I love the ocean scenes.

coloring queen

Sarah’s latest coloring masterpiece

10:30 pm: Bedtime. This was a little earlier than usual, but I am not a night person. Well, I’m not really a morning person either.

Well played, Sarah. Well played.

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