Kenyon Doppelgangers: Molly Wyrsch ’17 and Hannah Farr ’19


Molly Wyrsch ’17 (left) and Hannah Farr ’19 (right)

This week The Thrill presents a special ~*AbrOAd*~ edition of Kenyon Doppelgängers.

No. You aren’t seeing double. You’re seeing Molly Wyrsch ’17 and Hannah Farr ’19. Although Wyrsch is abroad with the Kenyon-Exeter program this semester, friends of these Doppelgängers have had their fair share of mix ups. Wyrsch was most recently alerted of her likeness to Hannah in a text from a friend, “who thought [Wyrsch] was back on campus first semester.” Snapchats from confused friends have also flooded her phone.

Farr has been confused for her Doppelgänger a few times! Most notably, “someone waved and said, ‘Hi, Molly’ to [Farr] in passing, and because [Farr] didn’t want to seem unfriendly, [she] panicked and said hello back.”

Farr writes for the Collegian and Wyrsch is involved with Alpha Sigma Tau, QDubs, the Chocolate Society and a myriad of other activities and organizations.

While they differ in terms of activities and studies, both Molly and Hannah see a striking resemblance in their facial features. As Wyrsch describes it, they both have a “babyface and woodland creature-esque charm.”

2 responses

  1. Actual conversation:
    Me: Molly’s doppelgänger is confusing me so much!!
    Friend: oh, I haven’t seen the doppelgänger yet.
    Me: Yeah, it’s more confusing because Molly’s abroad and –
    Friend: Wait, Molly’s abroad?? Then I have seen her doppelgänger! Like, every day!

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