The Kenyon Winter Wonderland: Unseen Beauties


“Everything the light touches is my kingdom”

We have the privilege of going to a school known for its stunningly gorgeous campus. However during winter, we all seem to forget how beautiful this campus and complain about things like how cold it is outside. Well I say enough is enough! In order to prove to everyone how wonderful this campus is during February, the best month of the year, I went on a photojournalistic journey to capture unseen beauty on this campus, and you won’t believe the awe-striking things I found.

On my journey down middle path, the first thing that struck me was this garbage can–


It was like looking in a mirror–because I too, am full of trash and covered in snow. I never imagined winter could cause so much self-reflection, and I’m a better person for it.

Next, I found this snow covered bench, with snow so soft and fluffy you just wanted to run your fingers right through it–


Look at that! The texture, the color, I wanted nothing more than to plop my butt in that fresh pile of snow, but alas, I had more work to do.

Next, I saw something truly incredible–a lake!! I didn’t know there was any other body of water on this campus other than the Kokosing River, but right there on middle path, there it was!


Look at the size! I bet you could get at least ten students to swim in that thing, and as far as I know, it’s free and open to the public. I may have gone for a little dip myself.

The last sign of beauty I found was definitely the greatest by far, it combined both earthy elements and snowy winter elements, combining them both into an ethereal kind of earthy-winter soup.


I love the way it seems to continue on and on, without end, much like the winter does. These unseen gems on our campus can really make you think. I hope you too will continue to keep your eye out for winter beauty. Remember, it’s all around you, there’s no escaping it, so don’t even try.




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