10 o’clock list: TV Characters as Kenyon Professors


Man I love Intro Chem!!

This post was authored by one of The Thrill‘s newest staff writers, Ben Marx ’17.

Do you ever sit in your MWF 9:10 and think: Man, I wish a fictional character was teaching me about Art instead of my professor? Us too. Here’s a definitive list of our top picks for TV characters as professors!

1. Daenerys Targaryen, Game of Thrones – Women’s and Gender Studies 101. Daenerys has some solid hands-on experience taking down both the patriarchy and a few cities. Her history of slave-liberation, too, would certainly open up some interesting class discussions. Plus, in this scenario I totally imagine the dragons collecting papers.

2. Walter White, Breaking Bad – Principles of Macroeconomics. While the obvious choice for Mr. White seems to be Chemistry, consultation of archive footage reveals pretty conclusively that pretty much everyone in his classes is bored as hell. A much better choice for the great Heisenberg would be Principles of Macroeconomics, where Walter’s unique understanding of supply and demand could give his students some useful skills for the real world.

3. Gregory House, House – Neuroscience. House would undoubtedly rip up the textbook on the first day of class. In a school plagued by long seminars and discussion-based sessions, House’s rollercoaster of a pre-med class would serve as a breath of fresh air, taking students away from the classroom and in hospitals with scalpels in all their hands. House would never repeat things twice, encouraging students to develop efficient and frantic note-taking skills as well as near-perfect memories.

4. Frank Underwood, House of Cards – Baby Drama. President Underwood’s Machiavellian political principles might situate him in part with the poli-sci crowd, but no one can argue that he owes most of his rapid rise to power to his unrivaled acting ability. Monologue is an actor’s best tool, and Underwood’s certainly got that skill down.

5. Squidward Tentacles, SpongeBob SquarePants. Level 1 Woodwinds. Wait, no. No no no. No.

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