Review-A-Party: Party Pete’s Lonely Hearts Club


It was the best of times, and then it just fucking ended. My review of PARTY PETE’S LONELY HEARTS CLUB presented by WKCO & PEEPS.

I arrived at 11:30 and to quote my friend Mathew J. Reed, “the jawn was lit” (jawn is Philadelphia, PA slang for anything and everything.) Ty Dolla $ign’s “Blasé” was blasting and spirits in the Old K were high. As a 19 year old, I thankfully had bright red “X’s” done with Sharpie on my hands. Being underage, I obviously avoided the bar. However, had I wanted to get a beer I wouldn’t have been served and rightfully so. 

Then at exactly midnight everything went silent. It had finally happened. The curse of St. Valentine. Campus Safety piled into the Old Kenyon basement. The lights were turned on and the music was off. Students stood idle and waited to see what was to come of PARTY PETE’S LONELY HEARTS CLUB. We were soon ushered out of the basement and the party was…over. Students were pissed. I heard  one student yell, “First, the Cove. Then Send off, NOW THIS… Is this Kenyon College or fucking Alcatraz?!”

Anyway, the party never started back up and then the fire alarm went off. It was bullshit.

I give PARTY PETE’S LONELY HEARTS CLUB 3 Campus Safety golf carts and a picture of Adam Egelman getting strangled.


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