An Hour Away: The Hoover Dam


The Thrill is launching this feature to highlight Ohio places and things that can be reached in roughly an hour drive. This week we are featuring Ohio’s own Hoover Dam in Blendon Township outside Westerville, OH. 

We’ve all heard of the Hoover Dam, right? Big. Watery. Between Nevada and Arizona. What you might not know is that Ohio has its very own Hoover Dam, an hour’s drive away from campus.



  1. Looks. This dam, like most dams, was very beautiful. There were seagulls circling the water, and semi-clean picnic benches lining the shore, and a general feeling of  calm.
  2. Solitude. If you’re looking for a place to get some peace of mind, this place is pretty ideal. I only ran into one other woman while there, and upon seeing me she immediately got into her car and left. So yeah. Fairly secluded.
  3. Elitist Pride. You went to the Hoover Dam. No, not that one. The other one. You’ve probably never heard of it.


  1. Cold. It was so cold. Mind-numbingly cold. And also windy. Extremely windy. I recommend fall or spring trips as opposed to the heart of winter.
  2. Slightly boring. Pretty, yes. Entertaining, not so much. In warmer weather, one might find some nooks and crannies to explore, but when encased in ice, this reservoir doesn’t have a whole lot to offer, activity-wise.

Overall, I’d give this location a B-. Go, take an ironic pic next to the sign, and then drive the extra twenty minutes to Columbus and eat some city french fries.

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