Kenyon Cousins: Caroline Borders ’16 and Porter Morgan ’18

Caroline Borders '16 and Porter Morgan '18 enjoy a sunny day

Caroline Borders ’16 and Porter Morgan ’18 enjoy a sunny day

Kenyon is such a small school that sometimes the friends you make start to feel like family. But for some people, they really are your family. In this feature, we’ll be interviewing some Kenyon cousins to get a feel for their experiences at Kenyon. I talked to Caroline Borders ’16 and Porter Morgan ’18 to learn more about their family affairs.

How did you both decide to come to Kenyon?

Caroline: I came to Kenyon mostly because it’s a pretty well known school from my high school, and I’m into rural environments. I wanted a small school and Kenyon seemed like a cool place for me.

Porter: I came here with my mom to visit Caroline and also look at other schools. I didn’t think I’d like Kenyon, I thought it’d be too small, but I ended up liking it. Then I did an overnight with Caroline and after that I applied ED.

Caroline, how did you react to Porter’s decision?

Caroline: I was like no way, haha. No, I was pumped! I also tried to get another one of our cousins to come here. It’s cool to have someone to share this place with that you’ve known your whole life. It’s awesome.

How often do you see each other on campus?

Porter: We’re both in chamber singers so every day, five days a week. We try and get meals together sometimes.

Caroline: Blood is thicker than water.

Porter: We go on Columbus dates together. We should go on another!

Caroline: We got time.

Porter:  We got months.

Caroline: Her parents visit a lot more than mine do, so I’ve gotten tight with them too.

Any fun moments between you two?

Porter: I would say going up to Michigan for my moms surprise 50th birthday party, and we’ve had some memorable moments in Old K.

Caroline: We stand next to each other in chamber singers, so we have some giggles. People always say that the altos always have so much fun.

Porter: Doc hates us.

What’s your favorite part about going to school with your cousin?

Porter: Having someone here that I can share Kenyon with that I’ve known my whole life.

Caroline: Yeah, it’s also nice to have someone to talk to about family stuff with.

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