The End of the Cove


The men’s bathroom of The Cove, as of last night (image via YikYak)

The Gambier Grill, known to students as the Cove, just completed its last weekend of operation. Images and videos have spread via social media of chairs being thrown against the wall and of goodbyes being said to the proprietors. After news in January of the Cove’s lease not being renewed, the date of its closing was unclear, with the college website stating that it would close “no later than June 30.” However, word quickly spread via social media  that this  was to be the final weekend of the Cove.

The college has plans to use Peirce Pub as a bar and restaurant to use at night, as a temporary replacement. However, many students have stated their dissatisfaction with this idea, citing reasons such as poor location and the oddity of drinking in a college-owned dining hall. Many view the destruction of the Gambier Grill as another attempt by the administration to overly-control the student body, controlling their whereabouts and diminishing their late-night options.

While many students ordered delivery this weekend as usual, getting their final mac n’ cheese wedges to mark the end of an era, others flocked to the Cove, paying last respects and thanking the employees.

One employee, while delivering take out to a student, mentioned that people seemed more concerned with losing a place to get drunk than with the loss of jobs that this decision caused. In a student council meeting a few weeks ago, a student bartender at the Cove also voiced this opinion. “Did you think about that fact that you’re taking away my job and how I can pay to go to school here?” she asked Mark Kohlman, Chief Business Officer. The students in the room applauded. Mr. Kohlman did not directly respond.

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